Company Profile

         Shanghai Huishi Investment Management Co., Ltd., founded in March 2015, is committed to providing comprehensive, systematic and high-quality financial capital services for local economic development in China. At the same time, the company manages a number of private equity funds, with venture capital and private equity investment as the core, committed to become the China's outstanding value investors; Through the focus and research of science, technology, health, environmental protection, culture, consumption and other fields of industry, excavate high - quality enterprises that can become industry leaders. The company launched funds to adapt to the new normal economic development in China. It can provide advanced investment tools for local government to achieve technological progress, scientific innovation and employment growth, while bringing attractive investment returns to investors.

      Company headquarters is established in Shanghai Changfeng Financial Harbor ( Merger and Reorganization Capital Cluster ). The core members of the team are financial, legal or accounting professionals. The Company has rich project resources , industrial resources , financial resources and government resources . Our Company has obtained the Registration Certificate of Private Equity Fund Manager issued by China Securities Investment Fund Association ( Registration No . P1062126 ) . And it is the recommendation service institution of Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center ( Certificate No . T0109 ) and Tianjin Stock Exchange ( Practice Code : 031023 ) .